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Selling Independent Director Services to Hedge Funds

A recent Financial Times article examines businesses in the Cayman Islands that, for $5,000 to $30,000, will provide the board of a hedge fund with a professional independent director.  This practice has resulted in a number of directors holding an extraordinarily high amount of directorships, including one director that sits on more than 560 boards.  These fiduciary services businesses have come under recent scrutiny and many investors have advocated for disclosure of the exact numbers of directorships held by people in the Cayman Islands.  They have expressed concern that directors with dozens, if not hundreds of appointments, cannot possibly be doing their duties fully.  Not surprisingly, many involved in the industry defend their practices.  They state that most of these directors are professionals and "can handle a large number of appointments precisely because they have the logistical backing and the wherewithal to do so."