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MFDF - Mutual Fund Directors Forum - SEC Publishes Guidance on New Money Fund Filing

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SEC Publishes Guidance on New Money Fund Filing

The SEC's staff has published Q&A guidance on new rule 30b1-7 and form N-MFP.  Rule 30b1-7 requires money market mutual funds to file a monthly report of portfolio holdings on Form N-MFP.  Each monthly filing is required to be current as of the last business day of the previous month and filed no later than the fifth business day of each month.

The guidance consists of common questions the Commission's staff has received from filers, and the answers the Commission has been providing in response.  The guidance covers the scope of the rule, as well questions about the timing of shadow pricing, handling multiple classes, disclosing investment categories, valuing capital support agreements, master feeder funds, 1940 Act only funds, as well as specific items about Form N-MFP itself.  

The Q&A guidance page will be updated as new questions arise.  The full text of the guidance is available at: